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Andrew K Thompson_Chelsea(Detail #3)_2007_Heat Transfer, Thread, Canvas, Wood_13x26.25x3in

Time Interwoven

My interest in the materiality of photography led me to begin printing on canvas in 1998. At the time, I was working in a digital studio using a Leaf DCB II camera back. Because the digital file lacked tangible material and there was nothing to hold onto or anything that would drop to the ground, it inspired me to find a way to make photographic objects.

I was at odds with what attracted me to photography and how the medium was morphing. The advent of digital technology separated the photographic image and the medium further than the difference between a Daguerreotype and a silver gelatin print.


I began with a standard sewing machine and later incorporated hand stitching and embroidery. The domestic act of sewing becomes an actual attack on and healing the images' surface. The needle punctures each photograph, suturing multiple moments into a unified representation of reality. This gesture articulates my relationship with photography as the medium splits along its technological fault lines and transforms in alarming and beautiful ways.

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