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Incredibly Strange Wrestling

It was all a dream...come true!


I had wanted to be a Professional Wrestler since I saw Macho Man Randy Savage use a foreign object to beat Tito Santana for the Intercontinental Championship.


El Groumexico was the man who brought me into the ISW. So he was the first to fight me. We went over the match beforehand, but we forgot it all by the time we got in the ring. At one point, when we're out in the crowd, he applies a legitimate choke hold on me. I was winded, confused, and getting choked out by some dude in a mask, all while being pelted with cornmeal and beer. Toward the end of the match, an audience member pulled a wedgie out of my pants! I have never forgotten the memory of this random stranger's fingers between my butt cheeks.


That was my first introduction to Incredibly Strange Wrestling.

Here is a quote from me about this match from Fights of fantasy / San Franciscans take wrestling to ridiculously funny levels by Dave Ford, Chronicle Staff Writer, May 4, 2001

"I wanted just once to wrestle before I died," says Dancin' Joey, one of the 69 boys. He hung around the ISW crew for a couple of years, fixing the ring, moving equipment, and befriending the wrestlers. "I was able to convince them I was allowed, that I was cool enough to hang with them," he says. Then came the match with wrestler Riza del Norte (aka Risa De Muerte), which was his inauguration into the ring. "This guy beat the s-- out of me," Joey says, practically swooning. "He smashed my lip and loosened my teeth halfway through the match. But I finished. "

Here is a interview with author Bob Calhoun, better known as Count Dante, about his memoir Beer, Blood, and Cornmeal: Seven Years of Incredibly Strange Wrestling.

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